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Ryalux Carpets

We at Ryalux carpets are proud of our quality heritage and will only make carpets which achieve preset benchmarks.

In the pursuit of high quality carpets we aim to do a number of actions and processes to ensure our carpets do score highly and will delight for years to come. As a result we use only the finest yarns in our carpets such as New Zealand Wool. This wool is a finer more expensive fibre, creating greater clarity of colour.

On a similar vein we hand inspect every carpet made here at our factories in Lancashire and Yorkshire ensuring that our carpets are of the highest quality.

This pursuit of quality at all stages of the carpet making process means when we say our carpets are of the highest quality you can be sure they will meet your expectations.

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With Easter right around the corner, we will be celebrating by offering up to 60% off selected items in store!



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